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Disposal of Censorship Records - Middle East
Political Intelligence - Middle East
Granting of Visas to Russian Service Officers
Acquisition of Technical Information by the Russians
Future Security Service Organisation in Overseas Theatres
Disposal of Censorship Records - Middle East
Future Survey Programme of S.E. Asia Command
J.I.B. Questionnaire
Captured German Document
Russian Anti-British Activities in the Middle East
Report of a Journey by Car from Berlin to Moscow
Interrogation of Detained Nationals of Other Occupying Powers in Germany
Combined Operations Training of Intelligence Officers
Russian Startegic Interests and Intentions - Middle East
Interrogation of Detained Nationals of Other Occupying Powers in Germany
Civil Defence - Intelligence from Foreign Countries
British Mission to the Soviet Zone
Organisation and Establishment of Intelligence Staffs S.E.A.C.
Intelligence of German Strategy in the Spring 1940
Survey of Intelligence on Atomic Energy
Biological Warfare-Intelligence from Foreign Countries
Future of British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee
Beach Intelligence in the United Kingdom
Future Organisation of S.I.M.E.
Organisation for Intelligence in India
Enticement of German Scientists & Technicians
Informal Commonwealth Conference
Possibility of Forming a Base in Sinai
Appointment of Service Attache at Manila
Photographic Interpretation of Atomic Energy Plants
Intelligence Exploitation of the Wansee Institute
Material for an Article on Naval and Military Intelligence
Russian Enticement of German Scientists and Technicians
Exchange of Intelligence with the Americans
Russian Training and Propaganda Films
Startegic Interests and Intentions in the Middle East
Interrogation of Certain Liberated Nations
Release of Maps of Eire Prepared by German High Command
Intelligence from Russian Books Captured from the Germans
Exchange of Intelligence with the Americans
Joint Intelligence Bureau - Australia
Planning of Future Censorship Organisation
Future of the London Controlling Section
Closing down of the I.S.T.D.
Informal Commonwealth Conference on Defence Science
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