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Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee
Intelligence on the Far East
Japanese Interpreters from Canada
Mass Escape of German Prisoners of War
C.I.O.S.- Release of Information to Civil Industries
Pow in Canada
Treatment of Enemy Consulates
Priorities for Photographic Reconnaissance
Post War Security in Relation to the Disclosure of Secret Information
Future Organisation of Photographic Reconnaissance
12th Army Group Report on Deception
Bombing Research Missions
Intelligence and Liaison with the Russians
Research into Pre-Armistice German Army Affairs
Priorities Guidance to S.H.A.E.F. Regarding Captured German Documents
British Bombing Research Mission - Access to Enemy Archives and Documents
London Joint Target Group
Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Investigations
Information to be Disclosed by Prisoners of War Captured by the Japanese
Aerial Survey of Europe
Photographic Reconnaissance
Policy towards Allied Control Commission
Possible Ejection of Japanese from Neutral Countries in Intrest of Security
Censorship Policy after a German Surrender
Policy towards Allied Control Commissions
Information to be Disclosed by Prisoners of War Captured by the Japanese
Relative Army, and Naval Strengths of Certain South-American Countries
Visits of Chinese Military Attaches to Theatres of Operations
Prisoners of War - Security after Release
Basic Handbooks for Far Eastern Territories
Intelligence Assault Unit in S.E.A.C.
Meeting on Technical Intelligence Targets
Escape and Evasion Training
Grey List Interests of Enemy Branch (F.O. & M.E.W.)
Future of the Inter-Service Topographical Department
Possible Behaviour of Enemy towards Allied Prisoners of War on German Collapse
Military Security Policy after the German Surrender
Economic Intelligence in the Post Hostilities Period
Liaison with the Russians Security of Deception
Security of Deception
Biological Warfare - Intelligence Summaries
Organization of Photographic Reconnaissance
Control Commission in Germany
Combined Intelligence Committee
Conference on Co-ordination of Far East Intelligence
Co-ordination of Far East Intelligence
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