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Washington Post Article on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 29 April 1946
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Italy: Count Ciano (Son-in Law of Mussolini)
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USA: Report on America First Committee. Orderable at Item Level
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Political Intelligence - Middle East
Granting of Visas to Russian Service Officers
Acquisition of Technical Information by the Russians
J.I.B. Questionnaire
Russian Anti-British Activities in the Middle East
Interrogation of Detained Nationals of Other Occupying Powers in Germany
Russian Startegic Interests and Intentions - Middle East
British Mission to the Soviet Zone
Intelligence of German Strategy in the Spring 1940
Future of British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee
Russian Strategic Interest and Intentions
Organisation for Intelligence in India
Appointment of Service Attache at Manila
Intelligence from Russian Books Captured from the Germans
Withdrawal of C.I.C.I. and A.L.O's from Iraq
Availability of Press Material from Russia and Satellite Countries
Overt Intelligence on Atomic Energy
Withdrawal of C.I.C.I. and Area Liaison Officers in Iraq
C.I.O.S.- Release of Information to Civil Industries
Allocation of Personnel with Knowledge of Far Eastern Languages
British Bombing Research Mission - Access to Enemy Archives and Documents
Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Investigations
Possible Ejection of Japanese from Neutral Countries in Intrest of Security
Basic Handbooks for Far Eastern Territories
Meeting on Technical Intelligence Targets
Grey List Interests of Enemy Branch (F.O. & M.E.W.)
Future of the Inter-Service Topographical Department
Proposed Far Eastern Intelligence Conference
Use of G.P.O. Telephone Transmitter by the Poles
Information Concerning German Secret Weapons Nos 2, 3 & 4
Claims for Services by Allied Nationals after the War
Combined Intelligence Priorities Committee
Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee
Keywords in Context
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