Retained and Missing Items

Throughout the nine file series included in this resource, there are a number of files which were at the time of production retained by the U.K. government and therefore unavailable for inclusion in the resource. The following numbers of files from each series are unavailable:

  • FO 1093 – seventy-eight files
  • CAB 163 – one file
  • CAB 301 – nine files
  • CAB 176 – twenty files
  • HW 1 – ten files

A full list of retained files is available here.

Within some files included in the resource, individual documents or pages have also been retained by the U.K. government. In all cases where pages have been removed, a note has been made in the "Notes" field of the metadata. The National Archives insert forms within files to mark where pages have been removed; these placeholders have also been digitized to provide a full representation of the files in their current form.

In addition to retained files, file HW 1/1 from series HW 1 is missing and could not be digitized.

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