Document Title Government Code and Cypher School: Signals Intelligence Passed to the Prime Minister, Messages and Correspondence
Reference HW 1/3176
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations, Weapons Technology and Nuclear Warfare
Regions Africa, Atlantic, East Asia, Europe, Mediterranean
Countries Brunei, England, France, Guinea, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Norway, Philippines, Singapore
Document Type Signals Intelligence
Organisations Government Code and Cypher School
People Not Defined


A file of signals intelligence reports, messages, and correspondence issued by the Government Code and Cypher School and sent by the head ('C') of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. This file includes the following reports on France: of the 2nd SS Panzer Corps being located north of Argentan, late on August 16; that the 84th Corps is to withdraw to a line from east of Flers to Briouze, on August 17 and 18; that the situation in St Malo deteriorated on August 17; that Allied tanks and infantry are 15 km west of Orleans; that the Orne front is being withdrawn to Dives; that the situation of the 7th Army and the 5th Panzer Army is serious; that a U-boat due to arrive at Gironde was redirected to Norway because of the critical situation, and that a U-boat loaded for Lorient was ordered to off-load and proceed to Norway, on August 16; that Marseilles blockships with steam up are ready for positioning for sinking; that the intentions of the 19th Army for August 15 are the destruction of Allied airborne troops and to recapture the main defence line; that German tanks are still west of the Rhone because of the destroyed bridges, and a lack of German Air Force (GAF) operations, assault guns and anti-tank weapons, with all Rhone bridges up to 60 miles from the sea being out of action; that the Corps Abteilung Lieb commanding a miscellany of German and Italian troops is to take over the flank protection of Liguria; of an Allied break through with tanks east of Dives, and south east of Mezidon; the 47th Panzer Corps reported their losses of men and material were uncommonly high, with supply difficulties increasing as were tank losses from lack of fuel; of a request from von Kluge to evacuate the Normandy bulge while still possible, with the 47th Corps in no position to repel strong attacks; that the 3rd Parachute Division's fighting strength is down to 1,900, with a narrower sector requested for it; the GAF report that Allied columns passed through Dreux and Houdan towards the south-east, on August 16; of an Army Group's orders for withdrawal to the line of the Orne during the night of August 16-17; of fighter protection being requested by the 7th Army and the 1st Army for the Orne crossings and at Orleans, on August 16; that a German flak position was found deserted south-west of Falaise - it had been intended as protection of the last Orne bridge; of the 9th SS Panzer Division's intentions to close a gap in the front near Ecouche, on August 16; and that the U-boat shelter at Lorient is intended as the fortress for a last stand; from the Japanese ambassador in Berlin, on the use of poison gas, on August 12; Naval Headlines, covering that although two German naval officers agreed to surrender to U.S. troops, the German Naval Harbour Master was ordered to hold Concarneau to the last cartridge then destroy the harbour; that Group West is transferring from Paris to Saverne, north-west of Strasbourg, on August 16-17; that eleven special weapons operated in Seine Bay on the night of August 15-16, with the remaining 42 to operate on the following night, and that the cooperation of the GAF is requested; that Allied troops are advancing along the coastal road from St Tropez to Toulon, with shipping allocated by the German Naval Command in Italy for operation against the bridgehead; arrangements for army and navy cooperation in the Adriatic for the defence of river estuaries; and that convoy HI-73 is to leave Japan for Singapore, on August 23.


German army, military dispositions, Western Front, German withdrawal, military situation reports, naval bases, shipping losses, coastal defence, artillery, naval intelligence, German U-boats, secret weapons, Operation Dragoon, landing places, demolitions, ports, Pacific War, Japanese navy, convoys, German strategy, troop movements, tanks, Allied powers, breakthroughs, Battle of the Falaise Pocket, evacuation, chemical warfare, poison gas

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