Document Title Government Code and Cypher School: Signals Intelligence Passed to the Prime Minister, Messages and Correspondence
Reference HW 1/537
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations
Regions Africa, Atlantic, East Asia, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East
Countries Bulgaria, Canary Islands, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Libya, Malta, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Sicily, South Africa
Document Type Signals Intelligence
Organisations Government Code and Cypher School
People Not Defined


A file of signals intelligence reports, messages, and correspondence issued by the Government Code and Cypher School and sent by the head ('C') of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. This file includes the following reports: that German reinforcements are being prepared for North Africa on April 26; that the German forces in North Africa are below strength, on April 24; a 10th Air Corps report of an air raid on Alexandria, on April 28-29; that a German Air Force (GAF) bomber unit is to return to Greece from Sicily on April 29; that the Germans are anticipating attacks on Norway from Russia and Scotland, on April 29; that German intelligence, 'from a good source', forecasts a British offensive in Libya will not begin before June; the German secret service reports that over a thousand U.S. aircraft arrived in Russia, half of them for the Chinese, on April 28; that Norwich is indicated as the target for an air raid on April 29-30; a German Y service assessment of the British order of battle in Libya, on April 26; Special Naval Headlines, covering U-boat operations against Convoy QP11, concentrating on HMS Edinburgh being hit by torpedoes on April 29-30, and a report of an air raid on Trondheim; the German secret service reports that the British Air Force knew the location of the GAF's headquarters east of Benghazi, on April 13; the provenance of this was queried by the Prime Minister (PM); various replies are included; and a Naval Headlines report, covering Italian convoys in the Mediterranean.


troop movements, German army, military dispositions, military organisation, manpower, military situation reports, Desert War, aerial attacks, German air force, predicting enemy intentions, intelligence reports, Allied strategy, aircraft, Allied supplies to the USSR, air raids, British army, assessing enemy strength, German U-boats, naval intelligence, Arctic convoys, shipping losses, aerial attacks on ships, German navy, military commanders, Italian navy, Spanish armed forces

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