File Title Funds for British propaganda in the USA
Reference CAB 301/86
Date 24 July 1941 - 14 October 1942
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of correspondence concerning funds for British propaganda in the United States of America. Subjects covered in the file include the creation of a secret fund for countering anti-allied organisations, the use of which was to include buying broadcast time and giving subventions to the Friends of Freedom to counter anti-allied propaganda. Other subjects include funding the reprinting in the USA of a pamphlet on Gestapo activities; plans for abolishing the secret fund in 1942 as its association with British intelligence was potentially damaging; plans to finance parties thrown by pro-British Americans as a means to foster contacts between British subjects in the USA and "certain Americans"; and concerns over the potential damage that these schemes could cause to Anglo-American relations.

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