A file of reports produced by the British Military Missions to Moscow during the Second World War, as well as related communiques and correspondence. The purpose of the British Military Mission was to liaise with Soviet military personnel and share information useful to the common purpose of defeating Nazi Germany. The file documents the wartime relationship between Britain and the Soviet Union; the difficulties faced by the Military Mission in Moscow; and includes directives on British policy. Also included are military situation reports on the Eastern Front, including summaries of battles and operations; reports on the Soviet army; assessments of German strength and strategy on the Eastern Front; and discussions of Germany�s need to secure a supply of oil. The file includes the draft of a letter from British prime minister Winston Churchill to Joseph Stalin, regarding the British Military Mission.


oil, Anglo-Soviet relations, liaison, scientific experts, air raids, military supplies, Eastern Front, morale, civilians, operational intelligence, diplomacy, information sharing, secret weapons, Red Army, Soviet society, air intelligence, assessing enemy strength, casualties, German strategy, battles, diplomatic missions, military missions, convoys, tanks, British Military Mission

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