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Duke and Duchess of Windsor: Visit to New York
Military Intelligence Organisation in the Commonwealth
Permanent Under Secretary's Committee (PUSC): Papers for 1949, Papers 51-82
Prime Minister's Secret Service Committee: Minutes of Meetings
Imperial Defence College: Lecture on the 'Commonwealth Intelligence Organisation'
BBC Monitoring Service and the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC)
Ex-members of the Services Now Serving with The Israeli Government
Advisory Committee on Defence Science: Papers for 1948
Reductions in Armed Forces Overseas
Post-War RAF Intelligence Organisation
Permanent Under-Secretary's Committee (PUSC): Committee Papers for January-March 1950
Future of Secret Services: Part 3; Preparation of the Bland Report
Australian Leakages of Classified Information (Technical)
UK Government Statement on Defence
Preparations for War
Sir Oswald Mosley: Alleged Activities
Germany: Activities of Head of German Secret Service, Admiral Canaris
Oversea Defence Committee
Detention of Enemy Agents
Future of Secret Services: Part 2; Post-War Planning
Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB): Correspondence with the Burma Office
Anti-Communist Propaganda in the Dominions
Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) Weekly Situation Reports SWR 17 - SWR 32
Wartime Intelligence Activities: Japan
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