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HMS Amethyst
Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC): Functions
Establishment of Permanent Under-Secretary's Department (PUSD), 1 October 1949
Cold War Planning 1948
Exchange of Information on Guided Weapons with Sweden
BBC Monitoring Service and the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC)
Ex-members of the Services Now Serving with The Israeli Government
BCIS (British Correspondents Information Service) in Greece
Future Organisation of the Intelligence Division, Control Commission for Germany
Illegal Emigration of German Scientists to Latin America
Deception: The Hollis Committee
Australian Leakages of Classified Information (Technical)
Possibility of Russian Armed Action against Yugoslavia: Volume 2
Publication of Information on Special Operations
Recommendations for Awards or Decorations 1946
Security Service (MI5): Representation Overseas
Australian Security
Australian Security
Russia Committee (RC): Papers 60-101 (With Gaps)
Special Operations: Future Planning
Russia Committee (RC): Papers 102-132 (With Gaps)
Possibility of Russian Armed Action against Yugoslavia: Volume 1
Deception in the Post-War Period
Transfer of Police into the Security Service (MI5) and Pension Arrangements
Security Service Responsibilities in Greece, Egypt and Middle East
Security Service (MI5) Payments for Ancillary Services
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