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Agents (British and Allied): Post-War Claims and Awards; Apollo Trust at Bank of Greece
Political Warfare Executive (PWE)
Spanish Neutrality: Juan March
Duke and Duchess of Windsor: Visit to New York
John Peltekis, Greek Partisan: Assistance from British Embassy Athens in Court Case
War: Greece; Liaison Information About Officials
'C', Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS): Wireless Transmitters; Spain
USA: Liaison with Authorities in USA and London
BCIS (British Correspondents Information Service) in Greece
Evacuation of Escapees
Evacuation of Escapees
Russia Committee (RC): Papers 139-164 (With Gaps)
Possibility of Russian Armed Action against Yugoslavia: Volume 2
Agents (British and Allied): Post-War Claims and Awards
Publication of Information on Special Operations
War: 'Blake'; German reporting stations around the Straits of Gibraltar
Yugoslavia: General
Detention of Enemy Agents
Albania: Operation Valuable; Volume 2
Security Service (MI5): Representation Overseas
Russia Committee (RC): Papers 60-101 (With Gaps)
Russia Committee (RC): Papers 102-132 (With Gaps)
Future of Secret Services: Part 6; Future of the Special Operations Executive (SOE)
Deception in the Post-War Period
Readiness of the Secret Service for War
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