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Italy: Count Ciano (Son-in Law of Mussolini)
USA: Report on America First Committee. Orderable at Item Level
Italy: Leaks from British Embassy
'C', Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS): Telephone Tapping
Preparations for Political Warfare in a Future Mobilisation
Future of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, Washington
Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) Austria: Post-War Papers and Correspondence
'C', Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS): Wireless Communications; Cairo
Spanish Neutrality: Juan March
Palestine: intelligence
The Security Service (MI5): Admiral Muselier
Agents (Enemy): Rogerio De Menezes
MI5, General: Correspondence and Papers Regarding German Intentions in 1939
Sir William Wiseman: Propaganda in the USA
Political Warfare Executive (PWE): Miscellaneous Papers
Political Memoranda on European Strategic Issues
Censorship: Special; United States Memorandum on Soviet-Polish Relations
Military Intelligence Organisation in the Commonwealth
Permanent Under Secretary's Committee (PUSC): Papers for 1949, Papers 51-82
Madrid: Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) Reporting
Special Operations Executive (SOE): Relations with the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)
Equipment for Foreign Governments: War Office Working Party
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