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Sir William Wiseman: Propaganda in the USA
Permanent Under Secretary's Committee (PUSC): Papers for 1949, Papers 51-82
Nazi Party: Leaders' Finances Including Adolf Hitler
Facilities for Third Parties: Despatch of Telegrams
USA: Liaison with Authorities in USA and London
Spanish Neutrality: Release of Blocked Funds
Ministry of Information: Organisation and Liaison
Secret Service Bureau: Minutes of Meetings
Oversea Defence Committee
Wartime Intelligence Activities: Hungary
Future of Secret Services: Part 5; Future of the Security Service (MI5)
Funding for activities of Sir Cannop Guthrie in the USA
Retiring allowances for Sir Vernon Kell and Sir Eric Holt-Wilson
Taxation of Staff in Secret Departments
Special Operations Executive (SOE): Funding Applications for Operations
Special Operations: Arrangements for Funding
Requests from Madrid for money to bribe Spaniards
Home Defence (Security) Executive (HDSE): financial correspondence
General funding of Intelligence
Special Operations in Poland
Foreign Office funding for Free Hungarian and Free Romanian Movements in the UK
Funds for British propaganda in the USA
Security Matters relating to Abdication of King Edward VIII
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