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Ministry of Economic Warfare (MEW): Memorandum by Sheridan Lea on German Propaganda
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Correspondence, Memoranda Download PDF
(12.96 MB)
'C', Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS): Sir Campbell Stuart's Organisation
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Correspondence, Reports, Memoranda Download PDF
(8.64 MB)
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Reports, Memoranda, Correspondence Download PDF
(9.75 MB)
Oil as a Factor in the German War Effort 1933-45 Report
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Memoranda, Reports, Maps Download PDF
(51.24 MB)
Pensions for Relatives of Individuals Killed While in Employ of the Secret Services
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Correspondence Download PDF
(976 KB)
War: Polish Operated Wireless Station in UK
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Spanish Neutrality: Release of Blocked Funds
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Memoranda, Correspondence Download PDF
(18.63 MB)
Reductions in Armed Forces Overseas
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Memoranda, Meeting Minutes Download PDF
(11.83 MB)
Permanent Under Secretary's Committee (PUSC): Papers for 1949, Papers 1-50
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Reports, Memoranda, Correspondence Download PDF
(40.06 MB)
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