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Some Weaknesses in German Strategy & Organisation 1933 – 1945
Keywords in Context
Keywords in Context
Miscellany, Correspondence, Memoranda Download PDF
(15.30 MB)
Informants: Italy
Keywords in Context
Memoranda, Correspondence, Directives Download PDF
(2.04 MB)
Keywords in Context
Reports, Memoranda, Correspondence Download PDF
(14.53 MB)
Italian Government Archives
MI5, General: Correspondence and Papers Regarding German Intentions in 1939
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Reports, Correspondence Download PDF
(1.91 MB)
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Memoranda, Correspondence Download PDF
(24.21 MB)
Franco-Italian Relations: Includes Discussion Over Authenticity of Documents
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Correspondence, Reports Download PDF
(6.66 MB)
Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) Weekly Situation Reports SWR 1 - SWR 16
Keywords in Context
Italy: Count Ciano (Son-in Law of Mussolini)
Possible Italian Re-Actions to the Present Situation
Keywords in Context
Italian Morale. Report by the J.I.C.
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Italy: Policy in the Event of a Collapse In. Report
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