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Information on Intelligence Directorates in Encyclopedic Entries
Likelihood of War with the Soviet Union up to 1954
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Reports, Memoranda Download PDF
(1.47 MB)
Scope and Sources of Scientific Intelligence
German Scientists and Technicians
Civil Aviation Policy Toward the Soviet Union and its Satellites
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Memoranda, Reports, Correspondence Download PDF
(814 KB)
Disclosure of Information on Army Organisation
Sale of Penicillin Plant
Soxmis and Brixmis
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Correspondence, Memoranda Download PDF
(1.64 MB)
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Yugoslav Security
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Memoranda, Correspondence Download PDF
(277 KB)
"D" Notice No 25
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Report of the Tripartite Security Working Group
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Correspondence, Memoranda Download PDF
(1,021 KB)
Release of Information to the E.D.C.
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Exploitation of German Machine Tool Specialists by a Foreign Power
Forces for Defence of the Middle East
Priorities of Tasks in the Collection of Intelligence Information
Priorities of Tasks for the Collection of Intelligence Information
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