Key People

This list was drawn up on the basis of input provided by the Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War Editorial Board. It is not intended to be a comprehensive catalog of all individuals named in the files, but is rather a guide to the key military, political, and intelligence figures in Britain and abroad who appear in the files and who played an important role in the events and operations discussed. The list provides a route into the study of early twentieth-century British intelligence, foreign policy, and international relations through some of the most significant personalities in these fields.

JIC Chairmen

JIC Chairmen Start Date End Date
Desmond Anderson July 1936 December 1937
Roger Evans February 1938 July 1938
Frederick Beaumont-Nesbitt November 1938 July 1939
Ralph Skrine Stevenson August 1939
December 1939
Victor Cavendish-Bentinck December 1939 August 1945
Harold Caccia November 1945 August 1946
William Hayter October 1946 November 1950
Patrick Reilly November 1950 April 1953
Patrick Dean May 1953 July 1960

JIC Secretaries

JIC Secretaries Start Dates End Date
Leslie Hollis July 1936 March 1939
Arthur Cornwall-Jones April 1939 June 1939
Arthur Barnard June 1939 April 1940
Richard White Cooper May 1940 May 1940
CT Edwards May 1940 February 1941
Stephen Shoosmith March 1941 November 1941
Denis Capel-Dunn November 1941 June 1943
Edward King-Salter July 1943 October 1945
Thomas Haddon October 1945 May 1946
Paul Gleadell August 1946 September 1948
John Gardiner October 1948 July 1951
Eric Searight August 1951 February 1956
JG Atkinson February 1956 November 1957

Politicians, Statesmen and Royalty: United Kingdom

Alfred Duff Cooper
Anthony Eden
Clement Attlee
David Lloyd George
Duncan Sandys
Edward Grey
Edward VIII
Edward Wood
Ernest Bevin
George VI
Hugh Dalton
Jan Smuts
John Anderson
Neville Chamberlain
Ramsay MacDonald
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
Roundell Palmer
Samuel Hoare
Stanley Baldwin
Winston Churchill

Politicians, Statesmen and Royalty: Rest of World

Ion Antonescu
David Ben-Gurion
Georges Bidault
Galeazzo Ciano
Jean Darlan
Dwight D Eisenhower
Francisco Franco
Charles de Gaulle
Rudolf Hess
Heinrich Himmler
Adolf Hitler
Miklós Horthy
Amin Al-Husayni
Pierre Laval
Vladimir Lenin
George Marshall
Stanisław Mikołajczyk
Vyacheslav Molotov
Benito Mussolini
Jawaharlal Nehru
Philippe Pétain
Franklin D Roosevelt
António de Oliveira Salazar
Ramón Serrano Suñer
Władysław Sikorski
Josef Stalin
Josip Tito
Leon Trotsky
Harry S Truman
Éamon de Valera
Grigori Zinoviev
Haile Selassie
Wallis Simpson
Joachim von Ribbentrop

Military Personnel: United Kingdom

Alan Brooke
Andrew Cunningham
Bernard Montgomery
Claude Auchinleck
George MacDonogh
Harold Alexander
Hastings Ismay
Ian Jacob

Military Personnel: Rest of World

Hans-Jürgen von Arnim
Pietro Badoglio
Ugo Cavallero
Karl Dönitz
Hermann Göring
Heinz Guderian
Franz Halder
Alfred Jodl
Wilhelm Keitel
Albert Kesselring
Friedrich Paulus
Erwin Rommel
Walter Warlimont
Henri Giraud
Dragoljub Mihailović

Military Intelligence Personnel: United Kingdom

Alexander Bethell
Charles Medhurst
Francis Fressanges
Gerald Templer
Henry Pownall
John Inglis
William MacDonald
Anthony Buzzard
Arthur Shortt
Christopher Courtney
Douglas Packard
Edmund Rushbrooke
Edward Parry
Eric Longley-Cook
Francis Davidson
Francis De Guingand
Francis Inglis
James Troup
John Godfrey
Lawrence Pendred
Neill Ogilvie-Forbes
Richard Peirse
Robert Haining
Thomas Elmhirst
Valentine Boucher

Intelligence Services Personnel: United Kingdom

Alan Crick
Alastair Denniston
Claude Dansey
Dante Hodgson
David Petrie
Desmond Morton
Dick White
Edward Travis
Eric Jones
Frank Birch
Frank Foley
Frank Nelson
Frederick Winterbotham
Geoffrey Vickers
Guy Liddell
Hugh Sinclair
Ian Fleming
John Sinclair
Kenneth Strong
Laurence Grand
Mansfield Smith-Cumming
Percy Sillitoe
Percy Sykes
Roger Hollis
Stewart Menzies
Valentine Vivian
Vernon Kell
William Stephenson
William Wiseman

Intelligence Services Personnel, Agents and Defectors: Rest of World

Klaus Fuchs
Alan Nunn May
Igor Gouzenko
Hilaire Noulens
Harold 'Kim' Philby
John Edgar Hoover
Wilhelm Canaris
William Donovan

Diplomats and Civil Servants

Nevile Bland
Edward Bridges
Herbert Brittain
Thomas Bromley
Norman Brook
Alexander Cadogan
Archibald Clark Kerr
Charles Carstairs
Eyre Crowe
Warren Fisher
Aubrey Halford
Maurice Hankey
Charles Hardinge
Frederick Hoyer Millar
Gladwyn Jebb
Ivone Kirkpatrick
Ronald Lindsay
Peter Loxley
Arthur Nicolson
Orme Sargent
William Strang
William Tyrrell
Robert Vansittart
Horace Wilson
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