Document Title Government Code and Cypher School: Signals Intelligence Passed to the Prime Minister, Messages and Correspondence
Reference HW 1/3557
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations
Regions Europe
Countries Denmark, Holland, Italy, Netherlands
Document Type Signals Intelligence
Organisations Government Code and Cypher School
People Hermann Göring


A file of signals intelligence reports, messages, and correspondence issued by the Government Code and Cypher School and sent by the head ('C') of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. This file includes the following reports on West Europe: that the 12th SS Corps has broken through west of Munchen Gladbach, on February 28; of German intentions in the Munchen Gladbach area, on February 28; of German Air Force (GAF) targets for the night of February 28-March 1; of the Germans constructing a line from Roermond, on February 28; and that Army Group G loses two divisions in fighting south of Trier, on February 24; on Germany: that the General Staff places diesel fuel on a quota basis, on February 24; of all military police being unified under one command separate from the field armies, on February 20; of a munitions factory at Solingen lying idle owing to a shortage of electricity due to Allied action, on February 27; and that Goering orders the withdrawal of all GAF motor transport above 75% of the totals at establishment, on February 23.


military situation reports, Allied powers, breakthroughs, Western Front, casualties, German army, personnel, artillery, troop movements, defence, German air force, aerial attacks, strafing, fortifications, military organisation, manpower reductions, military shortages, fuel, Italian Campaign, German war effort, weapons production, supply problems, war materials, transportation

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