Document Title Government Code and Cypher School: Signals Intelligence Passed to the Prime Minister, Messages and Correspondence
Reference HW 1/2591
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations, Intelligence Organisation and Administration
Regions East Asia, Europe, Pacific, South Asia
Countries Australia, Ceylon, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore
Document Type Signals Intelligence, Memoranda
Organisations Government Code and Cypher School
People Hermann Göring, Stewart Menzies


A file of signals intelligence reports, messages, and correspondence issued by the Government Code and Cypher School and sent by the head ('C') of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. This file includes the following correspondence: a telegram from Churchill to the Prime Ministers (PMs) of Australia and New Zealand concerning a Japanese fleet movement to Singapore, on March 3. This file also includes the following reports: the Reich Airfleet reports a U.S. raid on Berlin on March 6; on Southern Europe: a tank return for the German Army in Italy, as at February 27; on the Russian Front: a 4th Panzer Army report for March 6; on South-east Europe: that the commissioning of a torpedo boat by Croats under the Croatian flag was approved by the German Navy, on March 1; that a troop transport train was attacked by guerrillas near Dubrovnik on March 6; bomb damage at Kotor was reported on March 3; and that orders referred to by the Commander in Chief (C-in-C) for the Southeast on March 7, see 5925, have general application and are not confined only to the navy, on March 7.


information sharing, Japanese strategy, Pacific War, Japanese navy, warships, naval bases, predicting enemy intentions, United States Army Air Force, air raids, effects of bombing, casualties, anti-aircraft defence, military strength, German army, tanks, Italian Campaign, military situation reports, Eastern Front, collaborators, torpedo boats, transportation, railways, guerrilla warfare, partisans, occupied Yugoslavia, dockyards, manpower reductions

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