Document Title Government Code and Cypher School: Signals Intelligence Passed to the Prime Minister, Messages and Correspondence
Reference HW 1/2460
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations, Foreign Policy and International Relations
Regions Atlantic, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East
Countries Crete, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Oman, Romania, Russia, Turkey
Document Type Signals Intelligence
Organisations Government Code and Cypher School
People Edward Bridges, Adolf Hitler, Joachim von Ribbentrop


A file of signals intelligence reports, messages, and correspondence issued by the Government Code and Cypher School and sent by the head ('C') of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. This file includes the following reports on Southern Europe: reports from 4 German units at the Anzio bridgehead, on February 15; that Allied aircraft destroy a German steamship in the Adriatic, on February 15; and of German naval losses, on February 15; Naval Headlines, covering a refusal by the Bulgarian government to allow 2 of their vessels to transport Jews from Romania to Turkey; from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, a repeat transmission to all German embassies on February 10 of a report from the German ambassador in Madrid, dated February 5, marking 2 voices from the Spanish ambassador in London, one saying that England was growing ever stronger and that there was no doubt that she would emerge victorious, the other (apparently in private) that London was depressed over the spirit of resistance of the German people and that if the war continued into 1945 then an imminent and serious internal and social crisis in England was inevitable; and a message of February 11 to all embassies, providing propaganda summaries to be used to describe the German air raids against London since late January, noting faster bombers, more accurate bombsights and new devastating explosives being employed; and on the Russian Front: a British Foreign Office report of February 15 on what Finnish General Staff had been told by German High Command in late January about future German plans for the Russian Front, that Germany would hold the Russians back at the line of the Soviet frontier on September 1 1939, and that the Germans blamed their reversals to date on the collapse of Italy.


military situation reports, Battle of Anzio, Operation Shingle, German army, military dispositions, defence, Allied powers, aerial attacks, bombing, shipping losses, aerial attacks on ships, submarines, warships, naval warfare, naval intelligence, German U-boats, Battle of the Atlantic, supply problems, military commanders, anti-aircraft defence, ports, demolitions, hospital ships, Bulgarian foreign policy, Romanian government, transportation, Jews, Spanish foreign policy, German morale, effects of bombing, German-Finnish relations, information sharing, German strategy, Eastern Front

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