File Title Permanent Under Secretary's Committee (PUSC): Papers for 1949, Papers 1-50
Reference FO 1093/577
Date 1 January 1949 - 31 July 1949
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of reports, memoranda, and correspondence generated by the Permanent Under-Secretary's Committee (PUSC) in 1949. Subjects discussed at these meetings include the situation in Germany, including German morale during the Berlin airlift; the progress of attempts at European integration and economic union; the military independence of Western Europe; a union of the Commonwealth and Western Europe as an alternative superpower to America and the Soviets; potential diplomatic pacts in the Mediterranean and the Middle East; the spread of communism in Asia; future British relations with the Soviet Union; economic and social developments in the Middle East; British policy in Asia; the possibility of the reunification of Germany; and the military, political, and economic benefits and dangers of a channel tunnel.

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