File Title Case of the Red Orchestra (Die Rote Kapelle)
Reference FO 1093/410
Date 23 May 1946
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file containing a report compiled by the German intelligence services on the Red Orchestra (Die Rote Kapelle), a Soviet spy ring that operated in Western Europe before and during the Second World War. The British saw the report as an opportunity to learn about Soviet intelligence practices and working-methods, and it contains a wealth of detail about the organisation, techniques, contacts, communications, cover identities and targets of the Orchestra, which operated across several countries including France, Germany, the Low Countries and Switzerland. The report also covers the German investigation of the Orchestra, including the arrest and interrogation of several members, some of whom became double-agents. The report includes as appendices an index of informants and agents, giving detailed personal descriptions of each, including their espionage activities before and during the war.

Document Title Date
i Front Cover 23 May 1946 Download PDF (188 KB)
1st Case of the Red Orchestra (Die Rote Kapelle) 23 May 1946 Download PDF (19.24 MB)
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