File Title Miscellaneous Intelligence Papers 1946, Including Publication of Armed Services Statistics; Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) Papers on Russia's Strategic Interests and Intentions; Relationship between the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and the Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)
Reference FO 1093/357
Date 1 January 1946 - 12 December 1946
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of miscellaneous reports, memoranda, and correspondence from 1946, many of which relate to the post-war reorganisation of British intelligence, and the changing international situation of the time. Subjects discussed in this file include the general objectives of post-war British foreign policy, outlined in a detailed report that also includes specific aims and interests for a number of areas, such as the Soviet Union, India and the Middle East; Soviet foreign policy, including the post-war growth of antagonism towards Britain and the United States of America; the need for more intelligence on Soviet intentions in Asia; the importance to Britain of Middle Eastern oil supplies; restrictions on the publication of statistics about the British government; planning for the future defence of the British Empire; intelligence funding; the sharing of intelligence with the French; and technical and scientific research in occupied Germany.

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