File Title War: 'Blake'; German reporting stations around the Straits of Gibraltar
Reference FO 1093/318
Date 9 March 1942 - 12 January 1943
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of reports, correspondence, and memoranda concerning German intelligence activities in neutral Spain during the Second World War. The documents include a report on the establishment of a German infrared monitoring station to track shipping in the Straits of Gibraltar; a debate over the threat posed by this installation, and the possibility of destroying it by sabotage; a debate over whether to appeal to the Spanish government, and records of a series of meetings with Spanish officials including General Franco; reports of further development of the monitoring site, and of other German agents monitoring Gibraltar; a report of the eventual withdrawal of the German monitoring station after Spanish objections; further discussion of the German intelligence network in Spain and Morocco, including detailed lists of known agents; descriptions of German observation posts; and accounts of further protests to the Spanish, resulting in the partial curtailment of the German activities.

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