File Title Japanese Intentions: Special Material
Reference FO 1093/315
Date 4 February 1941 - 13 March 1941
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of intercepted communications and reports from diplomatic personnel in London, concerning Japanese intentions and planning prior to their declaration of war on Britain and the United States of America. The documents include transcriptions of tapped telephone conversations amongst embassy staff, discussing matters such as embassy instructions to be ready to leave the country at short notice, the international situation, the hostility of the British press to Japan, instructions to staff to avoid over-familiarity with the British, leakages of information from the embassy, and an alleged network of spies on the Pacific coast of Canada and the USA. The file also includes transcripts of conversations between the Thai and Nepali ambassadors in London recording their fears of Japanese aggression; and a conversation between two Chinese diplomatic officials, covering the Sino-Japanese War and possible Japanese preparations to attack Hong Kong; as well as a British report summarising the above.

Document Title Date
1st Japanese Intentions: Special Material Download PDF (30.69 MB)
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