File Title Germany: Security and Intelligence Organisations
Reference FO 1093/286
Date 1 January 1944 - 4 June 1944
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013
Notes A number of documents within this file have been retained under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act, 1958.


A file of reports on the organisation and functions of the various German security and intelligence agencies. The reports cover the command structure and responsibilities of a number of organisations, including the Sicherheitsdienst, the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, the SS and the Gestapo, as well as inter-service relations and cooperation. Amongst the examples of activities carried out by these organisations are internal security and persecution of political dissidents in Germany; suppression of anti-Nazi resistance and partisan activity in occupied Europe; intelligence gathering abroad, including in Spain and Italy; and the organisation of renegade Soviet troops into a pro-German army.

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