File Title Lieutenant Clamorgan (Free French Officer) Case
Reference FO 1093/227
Date 23 June 1942 - 04 December 1942
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013
Notes A number of documents within this file have been retained under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act, 1958.


A file of reports and correspondence concerning the case of Lieutenant Clamorgan, a Free French officer who died in a plane crash off the Spanish coast while bearing several secret documents that were subsequently recovered by the Spanish. Documents in this file include a report of the plane crash, and the potential for a serious breach of secrecy; letters reporting that Free French officials were denying the severity of the situation; a list of the documents that had fallen into the hands of the Spanish, including a partial list of British agents and informants in North Africa; letters arranging for an inquiry into the loss of the documents; and correspondence concerning the issue of travel documents to Clamorgan, including complaints from the Foreign Office that the Special Operations Executive (SOE) had issued him with a British passport as part of a cover identity.

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