File Title Madrid: Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) Reporting
Reference FO 1093/223
Date 18 January 1940 - 12 August 1942
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of reports, correspondence, and memoranda concerning intelligence and propaganda activities in neutral Spain during the Second World War. Subjects discussed in this file include reports on the unpopularity of Britain amongst the Spanish; speculative memoranda exploring the potential for Spain to assist Italy if they entered the war; the organisation and cost of pro-British propaganda in Spain, along with an example of a leaflet, a discussion of the effectiveness of this propaganda, and a report of the break-up of a part of this organisation by Spanish authorities; the monitoring of the passengers and cargo of Spanish passenger ships; a memoranda speculating about possible German attacks on Spain; reports of rumours of a Spanish attack on Gibraltar; and discussion of a suspected German agent operating in Lisbon.

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