File Title Miscellaneous Intelligence Papers 1944: Including Planning for Overlord; Lists of Jewish and Other Casualties from 1941 and 1942; Security Measures against Japanese Espionage in Europe; Rome Embassy Security
Reference FO 1093/188
Date 18 March 1944 - 30 December 1944
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of miscellaneous reports, memoranda, and meeting minutes from 1944. Subjects covered in this file include the investigation of both Axis and Allied war crimes; German railway transport requirements during the invasion of Normandy; bombing policy for the invasion, including destruction of transport links; estimation of the feasibility and military force required for an invasion of the eastern Bay of Bengal; aerial supply problems for the Warsaw Uprising; German secret weapon sites in France; the terms of surrender to be imposed on Germany; intercepted German communications detailing anti-partisan operations in Belarus, including mass-shootings of Jews; the feasibility of forcing neutral European countries to expel Japanese diplomats; the safety of allied prisoners of war during the collapse of Germany; the relaxation of censorship and security after the war; and research into the German armed forces and German wartime scientific and technological innovation; and the post-war military garrisoning of the Middle East.

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