File Title Agents (British and Allied): Post-War Claims and Awards
Reference FO 1093/175
Date 15 March 1944 - 29 December 1944
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013
Notes A number of documents within this file have been retained under Section 3(4) of the Public Records Act, 1958.


A file of correspondence and memoranda concerning post-war claims and awards from allied agents in occupied Europe. Topics of discussion and documents in this file include the potential nature of claims by British agents from foreign countries after the war; which agents should be retained for further employment and which should be paid off; the payment of claims and rewards from intelligence funds; a discussion of rewards for unofficial agents and those employed on an ad hoc basis; categories of agent; specimen forms for claimants; the potential for spurious claims to be made; the organisation and recruitment of staff for offices in liberated areas of Europe to administer the claims, and criticisms of the running of the Paris office; honours and awards to complement or replace financial payments; life insurance for agents; and cooperation with the American intelligence services.

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