File Title Secret Intelligence: Correspondence on Financing, Organisation and Staffing; Includes Minutes of 1st Meeting of Secret Service Bureau, 11 May 1910
Reference FO 1093/108
Date 3 February 1909 - 17 March 1913
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file of correspondence and reports covering the financing, organisation, and staffing of the secret services. Documents include the minutes of the first meeting of the Secret Service Bureau on the 11th May 1910; financial accounts and statements for the intelligence services; a report on German artillery and ammunition; authorisations for expenditure on operations; requests for information, including on the arming of German ships, and on German airship manoeuvres; reports on the detection and capture of German agents in Britain; arrangements for the financing of agents; reports on the defences of the German naval base at Borkum; arrangements for an Anglo-Japanese diplomatic cypher; arrangements for the establishment of foreign intelligence bureaux; letters describing the conditions, merits, and disadvantages of secret service employment; the administration of the security services; and an assessment of the reliability and value of a series of Turkish government documents obtained by an agent.

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