File Title The 'Noulens Case': Investigation into Communist Activity in Far East and Exposure of Spy Ring; Exhibits F IV (1)-(8); Correspondence and Reports on Communist Activities in Philippine Islands
Reference FO 1093/102
Date 1 May 1931 - 31 May 1931
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 24 March 2005


A file of correspondence and reports covering communist activities and conferences in the Philippines, seized as part of the investigation into the "Noulens" Soviet intelligence bureau in Shanghai. Documents in this file include a report of a labour conference in the Philippines, including a detailed report on strike-action, an account of the strength and organisation of the federation of trade unions, information on cooperation between Filipino and Chinese workers, and a description of propaganda work carried out; letters on communist party publications and ideological conformity; a list of addresses for the distribution of party publications; examples of questionnaires distributed at conferences; and a series of letters discussing the party resolutions taken at conferences, including their ideological correctness.

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