File Title Franco-Italian Relations: Includes Discussion Over Authenticity of Documents
Reference FO 1093/90
Date 1 January 1939 - 31 August 1939
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 24 March 2005


A file of reports and correspondence concerning Franco-Italian relations, in particular Italian territorial demands in the Mediterranean. Documents in this file include correspondence analysing the authenticity and implications for French policy of intercepted Italian documents concerning foreign policy; a report of a meeting with a French official discussing whether France should open discussions with Italy about Italian claims in the Mediterranean, the effect this might have on French public opinion, and the links between the Axis powers; a diplomatic memorandum from the Italians to the "Democracies" laying out their territorial demands, including that all territory with Italian populations should become part of Italy, and free access to all exits from the Mediterranean; and a series of intercepted and decoded Italian diplomatic telegrams, including instructions to their embassies to ascertain the possible reactions of foreign powers to their demands.

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1st Franco-Italian Relations: Includes Discussion Over Authenticity of Documents Download PDF (6.66 MB)
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