File Title C1, General: Volume I, January to April 1939; Correspondence and Papers Regarding Secret Service Matters Including Pre-War German Mobilization, Assessments of International Threats, Germany's Aims and Methods, Precautions Against Domestic Sabotage and London Evacuation Plans
Reference FO 1093/86
Date 1 December 1938 - 30 April 1939
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 24 March 2005


A file of reports, memoranda, and correspondence from shortly before the Second World War, covering intelligence gathering and organisation, British domestic security, the international situation, and German war preparations and aims. Documents in this file include a report on methods of intelligence gathering and organisation; a report on rumours and their effects; correspondence debating the value of intelligence sources; a report of the views of the German ambassador to Britain; a report of an Australian newspaper article about British signals interception and decoding organisations; a report on precautions against domestic sabotage; a report of a conference of German leaders and generals, including Hitler’s assessment of the international situation; plans for the evacuation of government departments from London; a memorandum on D-notices; a memorandum on Italian bugging of Neville Chamberlain in Rome; and a report assessing Hitler’s personality, intentions, and control over Germany.

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