File Title Prime Minister's Secret Service Committee: Papers Regarding Operations, Organisation and Administration
Reference FO 1093/67
Date 1 April 1924 - 31 January 1926
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 24 March 2005


A file of reports, meeting minutes, and correspondence concerning the organisation, administration and operations of the British intelligence services. Documents include a copy of the Scott report on Scotland Yard, covering liaison with the Home Office and the Secret Service, gathering and sharing of intelligence, and supervision of revolutionaries and subversive aliens in Britain; a series of reports and minutes of meetings debating the disposal of surplus government armament stocks, discussing methods of doing so and the responsibility for monitoring the process; a report detailing a lack of cooperation between Scotland Yard and the Security Service (MI5), and giving examples of cases where this had been harmful, such as the investigation of the Zinoviev letter and surveillance of dangerous aliens; a report on responsibility for gathering intelligence in Ireland; and a report on intelligence leakage from within the government.

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