File Title Professor Arminius Vambery: Information Supplied to the British Government and Subsequent Financial Arrangements; Correspondence Including Certificate of Annuity
Reference FO 1093/46
Date 1 May 1873 - 30 April 1914
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 24 March 2005


A file of correspondence between Professor Arminius Vámbéry and representatives of the British government. Vámbéry was a traveller and writer who also worked for the Foreign Office as an agent in the Middle East. Documents in this file include letters discussing Vámbéry’s conversations with the Ottoman sultan; Turkish and Persian attitudes towards Britain and Russia; a description of a British agent in Asia who was discovered to be an imposter; discussions of Turkish political changes and plans for reform, including the ‘Young Turks’; impressions of the Persian government; the British attitude towards Austria, and opinion of Austrian dealings with Turkey; information on anti-British propaganda in the Middle East; and arrangements for the payment of Vámbéry, his certificate of annuity, his agents and his travel expenses.

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