Document Title US Reaction to Activities of Duke of Windsor as Governor of the Bahamas and Axel Wenner-Gren; Views of Duke of Windsor on Outcome of the War with Germany
Reference FO 1093/23
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Intelligence Gathering and Surveillance, Foreign Policy and International Relations
Regions Atlantic, Europe, Latin America, North America
Countries Bahamas, Germany, Belgium, Bermuda, England, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, United States of America
Document Type Reports, Correspondence
Organisations Federal Bureau of Investigation, Foreign Office, Geheime Staatspolizei, League of Nations, Security Service, Permanent Under-Secretary's Department
People Alexander Cadogan, Neville Chamberlain, Hermann Göring, Adolf Hitler, Samuel Hoare, Vernon Kell, Desmond Morton, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Wallis Simpson
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