File Title General Correspondence about Camp 'Z'
Reference FO 1093/8
Date 1941 - 1944
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 25 June 1992


A file of reports, correspondence, and administrative documents relating to Rudolf Hess' imprisonment after his arrival in Britain in May 1941. The file contains reports on Hess' precarious mental state and his potential propaganda value, alongside a number of administrative documents recording staff visits to Hess and the cost of Hess' imprisonment in a location known by the codename "Camp Z". Topics covered in the file include Hess' paranoia and suicidal feelings, and measures taken to prevent Hess from harming himself after a suicide attempt in June 1941, as well as a draft government statement on Hess' motivations for coming to Britain.

Document Title Date
i Front Cover Download PDF (268 KB)
1st General Correspondence about Camp 'Z' Download PDF (19.93 MB)
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