File Title Translations of Personal Correspondence
Reference FO 1093/4
Date 1 February 1942 - 31 December 1943
Government Department Foreign Office
File Accession Date 5 June 1992


A file of translations of Rudolf Hess' personal correspondence after his imprisonment, covering the year 1943. Like other prisoners of war, Hess received personal correspondence via the Red Cross organisation, and British intelligence censored, copied, and translated all of Hess' incoming and outgoing letters. The letters in this file discuss the lives of Hess' wife and son, acquaintances of Hess' family who had been killed in the war, the conditions on the German Home Front, and Hess' fatalistic outlook on his own life and on the progress of the war.

Document Title Date
i Front Cover Download PDF (186 KB)
1st Translations of Personal Correspondence Download PDF (26.34 MB)
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