File Title War Cabinet and Cabinet: Committees and Sub-Committees of the Chiefs of Staff Committee: Minutes and Papers. Report on Greece IS(O)/S/5 - Intelligence Section (Operations)
Reference CAB 81/148
Date 1 November 1943
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 1970
Notes Two sections of this report, sections I and V, are missing from the file.


A file containing an Intelligence Section (Operations) report on the economy, industry, and communications networks of Greece in 1943. The report provides information on Greece’s resources, railways, roads, and aviation. Subjects explored in the report include the level of industrial development in Greece; a review of Greek industries, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries; the availability of raw materials; the occupational distribution of the population; data on trade imports and exports; information on fuel and water supplies and the electricity network; the consequences of German occupation; the condition of the railway network and its vulnerability to sabotage; and information on hundreds of road routes through the country, including a review on the quality of road surfaces and the viability of the road network in different weather conditions.

Document Title Date
i Front Cover 1 November 1943 Download PDF (512 KB)
2nd Section II - Resources 1 November 1943 Download PDF (23.75 MB)
3(a) Section III (A) - Railways 1 November 1943 Download PDF (6.68 MB)
3(b) Section III(B) - Roads and Road Transport 1 November 1943 Download PDF (101.64 MB)
7th Section VII - Aviation 1 November 1943 Download PDF (957 KB)
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