Document Title 1. Passing of Current Air Intelligence to Dominions; 2. Post War Grading of Service Attaches; 3. Meeting with the Canadian D.M.I. Designate; 4. Responsibilities of J.I.B. for Information in British Possessions; 5. Joint Intelligence Bureau, Middle East; 6. Visit of General Penney to Australia; 7. Publication of Service Statistics; 8. Declassification of Appreciation of Operation 'Overlord'; 9. Downgrading of Certain Deception Devices; 10. Intelligence Section to Assist in Prosecution of War Criminals; 11. Strategic Aspects of Atomic Bomb Production; 12. Chairmanship of the Scientific Intelligence Committee; 13. The Work of the W/T Security Committee and Proposals for Its Dissolution
Reference CAB 81/93
Conflicts Second World War
Themes Intelligence Organisation and Administration, Weapons Technology and Nuclear Warfare, Propaganda, Censorship and Psychological Warfare
Regions East Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Pacific, South Asia
Countries Australia, Austria, Burma, Canada, India, Ireland
Document Type Meeting Minutes
Organisations Chiefs of Staff, Foreign Office, Joint Intelligence Bureau, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee, Joint Intelligence Staff, Joint Planning Staff, Joint Staff Mission, Security Service, Inter-Services Topographical Department, W/T Security Committee
People John Anderson, Edward Bridges, Harold Caccia, Thomas Elmhirst, John Gardiner, Thomas Haddon, Edmund Rushbrooke, Kenneth Strong
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