Document Title (1) Spain: Intelligence Regarding Air Warfare; (2) Estimate of the Maximum Land and Air Forces Which might be Made Available for Active Operations Within One Month of Mobilisation as at 1st. October. 1937; (3) Comparison of the Strength of Great Britain with that of Certain Other Nations as at 1st. January, 1938; (4) Inter-Services Intelligence Bureau, Malta; (5) German Activities in the Irish Free State
Reference CAB 56/1
Conflicts Spanish Civil War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations, Intelligence Organisation and Administration, Intelligence Gathering and Surveillance
Regions Africa, Europe, Mediterranean
Countries Germany, Great Britain, Irish Free State, Italy, Malta, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain
Document Type Meeting Minutes
Organisations Committee of Imperial Defence, Chiefs of Staff, Industrial Intelligence Centre, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee
People Desmond Anderson, Leslie Hollis, Vernon Kell, Desmond Morton, Robert Vansittart
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