File Title Special Operations Executive (SOE): general correspondence on funding issues
Reference CAB 301/67
Date 4 June 1943 - 19 March 1945
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 13 May 2013


A file of correspondence and reports concerning Special Operations Executive (SOE) funding and economic warfare policy. Subjects covered in the file include possible means of waging economic war in neutral countries, such as slowing down or buying up supplies, interfering with Axis financial interests, erosion of confidence in Axis products, and the devaluation of Axis investments abroad; the creation of foreign funds for these purposes; the creation of an economic warfare section within SOE; the printing of foreign currency and the requisitioning of printing equipment from De La Rue, and compensation for the use of this equipment; the competency of certain government ministries to authorise such requisitions; and sources of funding for the acquisition of foreign currency.

Document Title Date
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1st Special Operations Executive (SOE): general correspondence on funding issues Download PDF (4.66 MB)
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