File Title The Findlater Stewart Report and Prime Minister's Directive to the Director General of the Security Service (MI5)
Reference CAB 301/31
Date 27 November 1945 - 13 May 1946
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 23 May 2013


A file containing the report by Sir Samuel Findlater Stewart on the Security Service (MI5), and Prime Minister Clement Attlee's directive to the new MI5 Director General, along with correspondence and memoranda discussing both documents. Amongst the topics of discussion in this file are the history of MI5 and the roles and activities performed by it; the staffing and financing of MI5; the contents of the intelligence archives, including list of potentially subversive British citizens; discussions of the ministerial responsibility for the service; the relationship between MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), including problems of overlap and duplication; assessments of MI5’s success in carrying out its designated tasks; and recommendations by Findlater Stewart for the future improvement of the service.

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