File Title Wartime Intelligence Reports and Codeword Documents to the Prime Minister Removed from Sir Winston Churchill's Papers at the Chartwell Trust Archives
Reference CAB 163/11
Date 18 September 1940 - 23 October 1944
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 2000


A file of intelligence reports and related correspondence to and from the British prime minister in the years 1940 to 1945. The file consists of Winston Churchill's correspondence with British military commanders and intelligence personnel on a variety of topics relating to the progress of the war, including the deciphering of Enigma and the need for more wireless operators in 1940; the situation on the Eastern Front in late 1941; the Battle of El Alamein; the German supply situation in late 1942; German plans for operations in the Adriatic and on the Dalmatian islands in 1943; attempts to confuse German air raid warning systems by creating additional radar echoes; conflicting figures from Axis and Allied reports on French civilian casualties caused by air raids prior to D-Day; German U-boat attacks on Allied supply lines after D-Day; and air force priorities and preparations for Operation Overlord.

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