File Title Wartime Intelligence Reports and Codeword Documents to the Prime Minister Which have been Removed from Sir Winston Churchill's Papers at the Chartwell Trust Archives
Reference CAB 163/10
Date 12 July 1940 - 29 October 1944
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 2000


A file of intelligence reports and correspondence sent to and from the British prime minister in the years 1940 to 1945. The file consists largely of Winston Churchill's correspondence with British military commanders regarding the contents of intercepted German, French, and Japanese communications on the military situation throughout the war and across different theatres of operations, including North Africa, Italy, Western Europe, and the Pacific. The file also contains transcriptions and summaries of items, such as a communiqu� from the Japanese naval attach� in Berlin to the Japanese government in late 1944, containing an optimistic appraisal of Germany's military position across Europe. Other subjects covered by documents in this file include the number of U-boats destroyed in the Battle of the Atlantic; German troop movements prior to D-Day; French naval activities; the bombing of French factories that were producing munitions for the German war effort; and De Gaulle's suspicion of British and American expansionist motives which had "become an obsession".

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