File Title Miscellaneous Correspondence with the Prime Minister
Reference CAB 163/3
Date 10 February 1942 - 9 December 1946
Government Department Cabinet Office
File Accession Date 2000


A file of miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda, and reports concerning British intelligence gathering and organisation during the Second World War. Subjects discussed in the documents include the arrival and imprisonment of German agents in Britain; the disposal of confidential documents; the distribution of intelligence reports within the British government, including complaints from Winston Churchill that information was withheld from him; the effects of Allied air raids on Germany and Italy; Japanese shipping losses; German troop morale in Norway; the activities of Nazi collaborators from the Soviet Union; German air and naval strength in the Mediterranean; a summary of events in Rhodes following the Italian surrender in September 1943; and a personal message sent by Joseph Stalin to Franklin D. Roosevelt in June 1943 in which Stalin objected to the Anglo-American delay in invading Western Europe, along with Winston Churchill's reply to Stalin and British intelligence correspondence discussing what the reply should be.

Document Title Date
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