Document Title 1. Losses of Classified Documents; 2. Review of the Situation Round the Soviet and Satellite Perimeter and other Sensitive Areas - Preparation; 3. Review of the Situation Round the Soviet and Satellite Perimeter and other Sensitive Areas; 4. Warning of Soviet Attack; 5. Signing of J.I.C. Reports; 6. Meeting Chiefs of Staff - Directors of Intelligence
Reference CAB 159/13
Conflicts Cold War
Themes Intelligence Organisation and Administration, Military Intelligence and Operations, Foreign Policy and International Relations
Regions East Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Asia
Countries Albania, Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Indochina, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Laos, Lebanon, Oman, Persia, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Siam, United States of America
Document Type Meeting Minutes, Reports
Organisations Chiefs of Staff, Foreign Office, Joint Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Defence, Security Service, United Nations, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee
People Anthony Buzzard, Charles Carstairs, Patrick Dean, Francis Fressanges, Eric Searight, Arthur Shortt, Percy Sillitoe, John Sinclair, Kenneth Strong


classified documents, leakage of information, security, secrecy, Iron Curtain, Eastern Bloc, Soviet satellite states, threat of war with the USSR, contingency planning, predicting enemy intentions, assessing enemy strength, military intelligence, military strength, intelligence reports, intelligence requirements, Chinese foreign policy, First Indochina War, colonial independence movements, military situation reports, biological warfare, scientific research, weapons development, Soviet government, Soviet foreign policy, mobilisation, war preparations, surprise attacks, defence, military spending, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee duties, personnel, political intelligence, armistice, peace proposals, industrial intelligence, military operations, French armed forces, geographic intelligence, armaments, weapons production, artillery, Anglo-Egyptian relations, Egyptian government, politics, Arab-Israeli relations, Arab world, Iranian politics, oil, resources, economic intelligence

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