Document Title 1. U.K. Representation on the S.G.S.C.C.; 2. Visit of the Commander, B.I.O.(G) to the U.K.; 3. SItuation in Burma; 4. Review of the Situation Round the Soviet and Satellite Perimeter and other Sentsitive-Areas; 5. Review of Relationships between the Arab States and Israel; 6. Likelihood of the U.S.S.R. Starting a War before their Full Strength is Mobilised; 7. Joint Intelligence Map Room
Reference CAB 159/13
Conflicts Cold War
Themes Intelligence Organisation and Administration, Foreign Policy and International Relations, Military Intelligence and Operations
Regions Africa, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Asia
Countries Bulgaria, Burma, China, Denmark, East Germany, Egypt, Formosa, Germany, Hungary, India, Indochina, Israel, Japan, Korea, North Korea, Pakistan, Persia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Soviet Union, Sudan, United Kingdom, United States of America, Yemen
Document Type Meeting Minutes, Reports
Organisations Chiefs of Staff, Foreign Office, Joint Intelligence Bureau, Joint Intelligence Committee (Middle East), Joint Intelligence Staff, Ministry of Defence, Security Service, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee
People Anthony Buzzard, Francis Fressanges, Guy Liddell, Patrick Reilly, Eric Searight, Arthur Shortt, Percy Sillitoe, John Sinclair, Kenneth Strong


British intelligence organisation, intelligence channels, information sharing, allies, alliances, German intelligence services, intelligence services responsibilities, former colonies, military intelligence, political intelligence, politics, foreign policy, Iron Curtain, Soviet satellite states, Eastern Bloc, war preparations, assessing enemy strength, predicting enemy intentions, contingency planning, threat of war with the USSR, Soviet foreign policy, Arab world, Arab-Israeli relations, diplomatic intelligence, diplomatic officials, military strength, border disputes, Israeli armed forces, defence, intelligence reports, intelligence requirements, mobilisation, surprise attacks, mapping, training, recruitment, Soviet army, military organisation, equipment, transportation, industry, Danish armed forces, propaganda, Chinese foreign policy, airspace, First Indochina War, military operations, colonial independence movements, Anglo-Egyptian relations, diplomacy, Iranian politics

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