Document Title 1. Russian Preparedness for War; 2. Soviet Intentions and Capabilities - 1949 and 1956/57; 3. Charter for Joint Intelligence Committee, Far East; 4. Threat to Falkland Islands and Dependencies; 5. The Future Situation in France
Reference CAB 159/4
Conflicts Cold War
Themes Military Intelligence and Operations, Foreign Policy and International Relations, Intelligence Organisation and Administration
Regions Atlantic, East Asia, Europe, Latin America
Countries Argentina, Falkland Islands, France
Document Type Meeting Minutes
Organisations Chiefs of Staff, Foreign Office, Joint Intelligence Bureau, Joint Intelligence Committee (Far East), Joint Intelligence Staff, Ministry of Defence, Security Service, Joint Intelligence Sub-Committee
People John Gardiner, Charles de Gaulle, William Hayter, Guy Liddell, Douglas Packard, Lawrence Pendred, Percy Sillitoe, Kenneth Strong
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